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Sankranthi 2009

Sri BommaRaju Puram aka S.B.R Puram aka Guluru is a beautiful village which is located 7KM away from Puttur. It's 2KM off the Puttur to Tirupathi main road. In contrast to India which is surrounded by water on the three sides and mountains on the other side, the village is surrounded by water on the EAST and hills on the other three sides. Its a higly populated modern village in Chittor district, according to many people who have visited.
There are around 5000 people living in the village. The main occupation for everyone in the village is Farming like any other village in India. The main crops are Mango, Paddy and Groundnut. The village is famous for its quality mangoes which are being exported to various places across the country, over 80% of farming land in the village is planted with mango gardens. So there is no wonder that almost all the people in the village will depend on the mangoes crop.
People in the village are very hard working and agriculture focussed. This is clearly noticeable between January and July months, particularly people are very busy in the months of May and June when they harvest the mangoes. People would heavily use Tractors for their works in the fields.
There are two public schools, a primary school and a high school, in the village. Some of the children from the village go to the nearby town Puttur to study in english medium private schools. There are a number of highly educated people in the village in the professions of Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Accountant, etc. Most of the educated people are working in a number of towns and cities in the country and as well as abroad. Having said that there are many graduates in the village who are dedicated to the farming.
There is a good private transport bus service to the village from Puttur. There is a bus service every 45 minutes or so, from Puttur. People also commute to the nearby towns in their own vehicles, ranging from cars, jeeps to motorcycles.

There is a lot to mention about our village, we will do this over the time.

Have a look at the following pictures, which were taken during the above mentioned Sankranthi events in Jan'2009

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